Welcome to Virtualoso Talent Show!

We are accepting entries from talented people of all ages!
Please enter and / or vote for your favorites on this page

Virtualoso Talent Show is formatted much like national, popular talent shows and our voting process has a unique twist.

Entry Fee before June 1st is $10.
Entry Fee June 2nd to July 31st is $25.
Phase 1 Top 30 Contestants will be announced on August 15th.

Phase 1:
The public, by their votes, will determine the top 30 contestants who go forward and compete for cash prizes of $10,000 for first prize and $5,000 for second. 

Each vote will cost $1 and each dollar is a tax deduction since it will go to the operation of Artists & Charities Hand In Hand, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. 

Voters may Vote as many times as they like for their favorite contestant.
Please keep in mind that votes during Phase 1 are tabulated by individual votes and not dollar amount.
(Artists & Charities Hand in Hand Inc. greatly appreciates all Votes / Donations over $1)

Example: A voter pledges $100 for Artists & Charities, Artists & Charities will receive the $100 and the contestant will receive 1 vote. 

Phase 2:
After the top 30 contestants are selected based upon the number of votes received, the contestant will then partner with a specific charity of their choice.
At this point, the voting rules change.
All Votes/Dollars will go directly to the contestants charity partner and the charity receives the total amount equal to the dollar amount raised by each contestant.

Example: Contestant receives a voting donation of $1,000.
The $1,000 goes to the selected charity, while the contestant will receive 1,000 votes.

The public can vote as many times as they wish. Each dollar they pledge with their vote for the contestant goes to the specific charity, while the vote goes to the contestant. 

Every dollar / vote pledged, whether it is before the top 30 contestants are selected or after, are tax deductions since all money received goes strictly to charities. The prize money however, goes directly to the contestants and is not shared by the partnered charities.

See This Page for Instructions On How to Enter: