Virtualoso Talent Show is the brainchild of Ingrid Robinson, Founder and Director of Artists & Charities Hand In Hand. Formatted much like the popular variety shows seen on national television, Virtualoso offers a unique twist to the voting process of the show designed to connect and invigorate people and the community in a powerful way.

Welcome to Virtualoso Talent Show!

Virtualoso is accepting video submission from individuals and groups who sing, dance, have a variety show act, or other unique, family-friendly talent.
All ages anywhere in the world are invited to apply.
If selected by the judges to compete, the applicants will receive an additional questionnaire for more detailed bio/background story information.

Virtualoso Talent Show is formatted much like national, popular talent shows and our voting process has a unique twist.

Event Highlights & Details!

  • A new, exciting innovative, fun, virtual talent show to show-off your talent with a unique voting twist
  • Get exposure while helping thousands in need and possibly winning $10,000 as 1st prize
  • Send in your audition video (no longer than 2.5 minutes).
  • Read all the legal stuff and pay $10 entry fee
  • Create your Give-Lively voting platform

Deadline updates:

  • – Dec. 15, 2021 – Last day for entries – $10 entry fee
  • – Dec. 17, 2021 – Top 30 contestants are notified via email
  • – Dec 17 – Jan 9 2022 – September 5th – Top 30 contestants to submit a new 2 ½ minute performance video, designate charity of choice (including 30 second promo video if possible from charity) and finalize give lively donation page.
  • – January 10, 2022 – Voting begins
  • – January 30 – March 31st 2022 – Elimination rounds begin
  • – March 31st 2022 –  Final awards show

You will be notified by Dec 15, 2021 if you have received enough votes to be included as one of the top 30 contestants to partner with a designated charity and compete for the big prize money.

Entry Form

Sponsorships Available
Please email or call (415) 419-4292 to learn more about how you, your company, or your brand can support our local performing artists!

About Artists And Charities Hand In Hand
Artists and Charities Hand in Hand is a 501 (c) 3, dedicated to bringing together companies, the general public and charities to create a union of cooperation and caring with a fun, interactive, inclusive event involving creative forces within our community. In this time of health and economic concerns, along with struggles with racial inequalities, Artists & Charities believes we can all work together to create a peaceful, supportive society through creative, thoughtful and inclusive events – whether in person or virtually.